Jared Mahone

Matt Holley is the most consistently brilliant graphic designer I have ever worked with. He enjoys pushing his own creative limits, which keeps him at the forefront of modern design. He is always pleasant and inspiring to work with, and I've never needed to seek out another designer throughout my marketing career.


Kara Mahone

Marketing Manager,
D.P. Dough Franchising, L.L.C.

Marketing Manager and CFO,
J.A.M. Sessions

I first met Jared Mahone in 2005 when he and I were pulled together to play in a band. He had just started his solo career and was in the infant stages of forming
a band. 


As a new artist, it was important to establish a brand that could hold up throughout his music career. In doing so I asked Jared what his music was trying to say and what he wanted his crowd to understand about him. He was passionate about letting his crowd know that he was proud to be from the mid-west. So many of his colleagues had moved from Ohio to Nashville and were telling people they were “from” Nashville. He didn’t want to be that guy. He wanted to be a part of the scene in his hometown of Columbus and hopefully help build that scene. Being that Columbus used to be nothing but corn fields, we wanted to utilize that imagery in the branding. I started with this morph drawing to illustrate the growth from corn to concrete. Jared loved the imagery and it became the icon throughout his first EP release and tour. From posters and T-shirts to trade show banners, all merchandise and promotional material carried this concrete corn theme.



JARED MAHONE MUSIC: iTunes  /  jaredmahone.com  /  Spotify