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With so many local musicians moving to Nashville and L.A., Columbus, OH native, Jared Mahone, wanted a mark that merged his city upbringing with the town's rural farming history to show his midwest pride. 

Jared Mahone

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Many people associate the midwest with corn and flyover farmland, but Columbus, OH is a thriving cityscape with big ties to manufacturing and fashion. What once was all cornfields, is now covered in concrete. That was the inspiration for this mark, and it all started with this morph drawing. 


While creating the album art, we simultaneously built a life-size trade show booth version with a functioning audio player where college entertainment reps could listen and book on the spot. This booth included branded popcorn, music download cards attached to an artist one-sheet and looped performance videos. 

The Mixtape Project began as a challenge to write 52 songs in 52 weeks. It then became the launchpad for Jared to have the ultimate fan engagement. Fans could pay to be a part of the project and get weekly updates from Jared and an mp3 of the song written that week. The whole project culminated into a fan survey where they selected their favorite songs written that year to be on Jared's Mixtape album. 

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JARED MAHONE MUSIC: iTunes  /  /  Spotify

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