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Cream & Sugar

Ice cream this delicious deserves good branding

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This brand started with a brainstorming session in an industrial kitchen on the west side of Columbus, with a passionate entrepreneur ready to break from her 9–5 routine and start an ice cream shop. Selling premium soft-serve ice cream and locally made Stauff's coffee, it only seemed fitting to call the business Cream & Sugar. 

We began crafting this brand with clean, whimsical elements, vibrant colors, and quality photography. The culmination of which makes it stand out in its Hilltop flagship store. 


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The great demand for the cart offered an opportunity for the purchase of a food truck, lovingly referred to as Lucille. We created concepts for wrapping Lucille and developed a magnetic menu system that allows for complete menu customization for any given event.

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The success of the ice cream cart made way for stage three…the food truck!

With their premium soft-serve ice cream, Cream & Sugar has quickly become one of Columbus' favorite ice cream shops. Gaining traction quickly, owner Rachel Upton wanted to expand beyond the borders of her brick and mortar. Enter the ice cream cart. With this new transportable frozen treat delivery system, she could start catering events. 

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