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With decades of experience selling quality children's shoes, Stride Rite was seeking to create a multi-faceted campaign for their summer collection, Fit-Topia. 

Stride Rite


Quality has always been a keystone of the Stride Rite brand, but they wanted Fit-Topia to break the boundaries of the norm and create a buzz like never before. Equipped with a social media campaign and a traveling shop, we helped create colorful, exciting brand assets to boost sales and invigorate a century-old brand. 

Path 1_2x.png
Path 95_2x.png
Mask Group 2_2x.png
Group 9_2x.png
shoes cut out_2x.png
Group 147_2x.png
Group 146_2x.png
Group 148_2x.png
Group 23_2x.png
Component 1 – 1_2x.png
Group 30_2x.png
Group 16_2x.png
Group 139_2x.png
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