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Breathing new life into a tired brand to position it as the top pizza alternative within the college market

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D.P. Dough


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D.P. Dough was a failing, disjointed franchise when Matt Crumpton purchased it. Determined to turn it around into a profitable company, he partnered with us for a complete overhaul. 

With existing franchisees partial to the existing running chef logo, we decided to implement the chef into the redesign.

Excellent food photography was a must-have for this company to take its marketing to the next level. Collaboration with local photographer and designer, Allie Lehman made these images stand out in a sea of pizza alternatives.

"Matt Holley has been the go-to graphic designer for the D.P. Dough franchise, which specializes in college locations selling late-night calzones. We couldn’t be happier with Matt’s responsiveness, professionalism, and quality of work. Most importantly, he is willing to listen to our vision and then build on it with his creativity and attention to detail. I am always impressed with the final product provided by Matt. I enthusiastically recommend hiring him to anyone for design!"


Matt Crumpton,

Executive Vice President

D.P. Dough Franchising, LLC

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More than just getting customers in the door, we wanted to gain their loyalty. To aid in this process, we created an app where customers could not only order their food but earn rewards points called D.P. Hearts, to get free food. This app was a crucial implementation and was a keystone for the steady growth of D.P. Dough. 

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Rebranding a franchise meant creating a new design system for all 27 franchises to follow. We started from scratch with every piece of collateral. Window signs, menus, wayfinding, neon signs, in-store printed material, social media ads, the website, and much more were all redesigned in this process. 

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