Over the years I have been able to work with several non-profit businesses. The majority have been churches, due to my extensive work with Columbus megachurch, Reynoldsburg UMC.


When I first started working with Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church, they had a monthly newsletter. This newsletter was single color, printed in-house, and riddled with clip art. Not only was this printed in-house, but it was prepped for direct mail by means of an old postal coding machine and a group of nice volunteers who tagged and sorted over 2,500 newsletters. The amount of time and money being spent on this newsletter every month was enough to make me come to a nice realization. I could create a full color magazine style quarterly newsletter and still save them money in the process. The images above to the left are a few cover samples throughout the years. 


Like many churches, RUMC came out with a church directory every year. This was given to new members as a facebook of sorts, listing all member names, addresses and phone numbers. Most directories are quite boring and usually have a picture of the church building on the front. I wanted to stop this tradition by coming up with whimsical covers. The images to the right are a few of those covers. I was limited to one color, as the company they were using only allowed single color printing. That being the case, I stuck with classic black and white.